Interviewing Service of America

Interviewing Service of America

Interviewing Service of America

Interviewing Service of America

Interviewing Service of America – Headquarters
15400 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(818) 989-1044
(818) 782-1305 – fax

Interviewing Service of America (ISA) is one of the largest data collection and reporting companies in the United States with 325 CATI stations across 3 phone centers in the U.S.  We are known for our superior service and offer a wide range of data collection options including F2F, qualitative capabilities and advanced, innovative technologies for IVR and “Flash” online research. We also offer a user friendly ORT.

With our full suite of data collection offerings, we can handle any project. We have been multicultural experts for over 30 years specializing in Asian and Hispanic Americans and emerging markets, providing in-language data collection worldwide. We have won three Market Researcher of the Year awards while utilizing our capabilities in 67 languages. We’re experienced in tracking, B2B, public policy, political/exit polling, and customer satisfaction with innovative Linked Hera data collection process for unbiased call center satisfaction.

We also provide data processing, coding and translation services offering our clients a complete data collection solution. ISA’s qualitative division, Q-insights (facilities in Sherman Oaks & Universal City, CA) provides national focus group recruiting/coordination and field management for intercept data collection and clinics. Q-insights’ unique approach utilizes an “outside the mall” approach to interview ethnic/hard to reach targets. The ISA family of companies also includes SoapBoxSample offering clients a fresh approach to online sampling by combining multiple resources such as opt-in panel, routing techniques and live sample.

Why ISA?
Our high quality work, responsive service and extensive research offerings have allowed us to become trusted and industry recognized data collection, reporting, and multicultural experts.

Interviewing Service of America is a trusted partner to market research professionals.
ISA offers one stop data collection, data processing, and multicultural services for both quantitative and qualitative research projects.  We are a pioneer in multicultural research and are one of the very first data collection companies to offer in-language interviewing domestically and worldwide. Core clients include:
•         Fortune 1000 companies
•         Top 25 global research organizations
•         Full-service research firms
•         Marketing consultants
During ISA’s 30-year history, thousands of market researchers have chosen to work with us.  Our clients have a competitive advantage with access to decades of experience, unequalled expertise, and technology to deliver data with speed and pinpoint accuracy.  We know good decisions only come from top “Consumer” data.

A Culture of Quality…
From the moment we opened our doors, September 23rd of 1982, our vision has been to deliver high quality data collection.  It’s a principle we ingrain in all employees and one that drives everything we do.
Quality is also why we continuously invest in state-of-the-art systems and why ISA’s Data Collector training is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  We know that your data must be collected and processed to exacting standards. Our people, training, and quality standards reflect ISA’s commitment to your needs.

Championing this culture of quality is the experienced management team at Interviewing Service of America.  Coming from careers inside ISA, other top data collection firms, and full-service suppliers as well as major corporations, every member of our management team has rich, diverse experience.

Products and Services
ISA’s strengths and expertise allows us to successfully meet your field needs.  No matter how large or challenging, we can deliver…

Telephone Interviewing
•        325 Web CATI Stations
•        3 telephone rooms in Southern California
•        Since 1982

Internet Data Collection
•        Dimensions, Kinesis and CFMC Web Survent
•        In-House programming  including “Flash” capabilities
•        Panel members recruited from multiple channels – online, phone, mobile, F2F, social media, TV, radio and print

In-person Interviewing
•        F2F- Face to Face interviewing
•        “Outside the Mall” mobile interviewing
•        Interviewing in unique locations to target
•        National resources

Multicultural Research
•        67+ Languages
•        Native & second generation interviewers
•        Since 1983

Qualitative Research
•        2 Spacious, flexible and fully appointed LA facilities
•        National recruiting from centralized data base
•        An ISA company since 1997

IVR- Interactive Voice Response
•        Customer & employee Satisfaction
•        In-house Programming & Voice Artists
•        Since 1996

•        Custom Online Reporting Tools
•        Topline or Full Analytics with indexing
•        Reports in PPT or Word formats

Data Processing
•        24 Hour Tabs
•        Data Entry and Coding
•        Since 1987

International Data Collection
From ISA’s US and Canadian based call centers or through our hand selected in-country partners, we can collect data in over 85 countries.

Top 20 Countries

Hong Kong
South Korea
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom

Industries and Respondents
Following is a partial list of core work.

•        Residential Customers
•        Business Customers
•        African & Asian Americans
•        General Population
•        Hispanics
•        C-Level Executives
•        Customers
•        Small Businesses
•        Pilot & talent tests
•        Online

Polling & Public Opinion
•        Hispanics
•        African & Asian Americans
•        General Population
•        Customers/Members
•        Agents
•        Retirees
•        Teachers
•        Students & Parents
•        Donors
Consumer Packaged Goods
•        Low incidence targets
•        Kids, teens & young adults
•        Patients
•        Seniors
•        Professionals
•        Customers
•        Former Customers
•        Prospects
Clinical Assessments
•        Occupational Therapists
•        Psychologists
•        Speech Language Pathologists

Our Vision
To be the absolute best provider of high quality “Consumer” feed-back, differentiated from the competition by having, by far, the most talented Data Collectors and Supervisors as well as superior management systems.

Our Mission
Partner with our clients, providing helpful responsive customer service.
Deliver high quality consumer feedback on schedule.
Development talent, technology and teamwork that is second to none.

Contact Us:
Interviewing Service of America – Headquarters
15400 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(818) 989-1044
(818) 782-1305 – fax
Michael Halberstam
Francine Cafarchia
Gregg Stickeler

ISA – Phoenix
Phone: (623) 518-6802
Paul Sherman –

ISA – Western New York
Jennifer Holland –

ISA – Seattle
(866) 487-7789
Peter Cole –

ISA -West Coast
Ryan Treff –

Q-Insights (ISA’s Qualitative Division, Sherman Oaks)
(818) 988-5411
Linda Giniewicz –

SoapBox Sample (ISA’s Online Sample Solution, LA HQ)
Jaqueline Rosales –

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