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Vovici helps companies like Oracle, Cisco, Marriott, and Honda engage their customers and increase customer loyalty through innovative Voice of the Customer technology solutions. Our survey, panel management, and community tools help organizations turn feedback into action by integrating customer and employee opinions into a company’s strategic direction so that it can innovate and deliver the solutions that are in demand.

Organizations worldwide, including more than half of the Fortune 500, rely on Vovici for Enterprise Feedback Management.

From Survey Services to Complete Programs

How can your business make the most of its feedback? Vovici’s technical and research professionals replace the uncertainty and limited resources that often accompany feedback projects and programs with a comprehensive plan, detailed execution and exceptional results. Using the Vovici Insight Methodology developed over thousands of deployments and project management expertise, Vovici provides a wide range of data collection, integration, reporting services.

Vovici Services Methodology

Survey & Research Services
Survey, campaign and reporting services provide the right level of support to ensure projects are created on time and in-budget. Feedback projects can be outsourced entirely, or we can help with individual aspects.

  • Survey design and programming
  • Translations
  • Report writing, design and distribution
  • Campaign and panel management

Integration Services and Custom Development
Connect the voice of your customers, partners and employees with relevant enterprise data. Vovici Consulting Services provides a range of solutions to ensure you can capture the actionable data you need to make strategic business decisions, including:

  • Integration with:
    • CRM Systems
    • Help Desk Systems
    • ERP Data
    • Other proprietary sources of data
  • Survey programming and customizations

Community Panel Consulting
Vovici’s knowledgeable community experts are ready to apply their deep experience in building robust communities and survey portals. Partnering with you, Vovici will help conceptualize, plan, build and manage your community.

  • Community Planning and Conceptualization
    • Define Background, Purpose and Objectives of the Community
    • Community Branding and Accessibility
    • Identify Community Audience
  • Feedback and Communication Strategy
  • Recruitment and Maintenance
  • Project and Resource Planning
  • Community Panel Development and Panel Creation
  • On-going Maintenance and Moderation

About the Vovici Insight Methodology
Vovici Insight Methodology provides a flexible framework that helps businesses rapidly move from idea to concept to realty – on-time and within budget. A result oriented methodology, Vovici partners with you to design, implement, empower and apply feedback throughout your business in support of everything from simple surveys to complex loyalty programs. Over time, the Vovici process incorporates organizational changes and harvests best-practices to create sustainable, results-oriented programs.

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GMI – Global Market Insights

GMI was founded in 1999 with one goal in mind: make it easier, faster and cheaper for market research professionals to conduct global research. With global consumer and specialty panels in over 200 countries and territories and a wide range of technology-enabled market research services, GMI is the partner of choice for market research anywhere in the world. With talented professionals in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, GMI serves many of the largest and most successful enterprises and market research firms in the world.

Technology-enabled services to accelerate your research

Whether you need to manage project overflow, or a complete outsourcing solution for production work, GMI offers market research services and solutions for unlimited global possibilities. We deliver a broad range of high-quality, cost-effective market research services, including survey translation services, survey hosting services, data processing and more to save you time and money. Staffed by highly skilled professionals located on four continents, many GMI services operate 24x7x365.

According to ESOMAR’s 2005 Global Market Research Report, increased outsourcing has enabled cost savings of 30% to 40% for common tasks that every market research firm encounters. GMI can help increase your bottom line and speed up your turnaround time with several market research outsourcing services designed to cut your costs and improve your quality.

Accelerate your research with GMI’s data processing services

Processing data onlineExpect industry-leading quality in market research data processing services from GMI’s data processing team. Our client-tailored approach to each project ensures that we can produce the data you need, when you need it.

Reduced turnaround times

Save time on your research by letting our experienced data processing services team handle your project. Our team consistently delivers complex projects in a fraction of the time clients are accustomed to. In addition to reducing your research time, we also provide an unparalleled level of customer service, as our business has been built on lasting partnerships with our customers.

Quality online sample in dozens of countries and territories

Online consumer panelsAcquire consumer insight and purchasing trends from consumer panel members who reside around the world. GMI maintains diverse global consumer panels that provide you the ultimate research solution.

Our consumer panels are extensively profiled, and our double opt-in screening process and strict panel management ensures high-quality sample. Our online consumer panels reach millions of households worldwide. In order to provide you with the highest quality research data possible, we maintain strict quality standards, including:

  • Fraud screening and location-verification technology at panel registration
  • Duplication-prevention technology, including digital fingerprinting, to block respondents from taking the same survey more than once,
    both within individual surveys and at panel registration
  • Panel scrubs to remove duplicates
  • Strict “three strikes you’re out” removal policy for respondent behavior violations

To view a list of many of the attributes our panelists are profiled on, click here. To learn more about our panel quality, click here.

Access the right information from the right people at the right time

GMI’s commitment to technology innovation enables us to deliver market researchers high-quality responses for their global market research studies. GMI has been a leader in market research technology innovation for the past 10 years, and we continue to invest in next-generation technology to deliver on our promise of empowering researchers to access the right information from the right people at the right time.

One respondent per survey, period.

When you partner with GMI for online sample, you can be confident that you will receive unique, high-integrity data. GMI goes to great lengths to ensure that individuals may only respond to a particular survey one time, even if they belong to multiple online panels. We have implemented quality controls throughout the respondent lifecycle to ensure this, including:

  • Duplication screening at panel registration
  • Panel scrubs to remove duplicates
  • Digital fingerprinting to prevent duplication within a study

GMI recognizes the recurring challenges that the global market research industry faces today. We are committed to continuous, innovative development of scalable technology solutions that sustain our business and address issues such as online panel quality, time constraints and budget pressures.

The proprietary engine behind GMI’s market research data delivery is Net-MR®, the first online market research software platform launched in 1999 to simplify the management of global research throughout the study lifecycle.

By trusting the power of Net-MR, combined with our experienced service team available 24x7x365 around the world, you benefit from fast, real-time data collection, quality panel management and flexible data reporting. You also have the peace of mind knowing you can confidently fulfill and deliver your global market research studies on budget and on time, and focus on what you do best: insights.

Contact us to learn more about the innovative technology that powers our data delivery services.

GMI has offices in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific to serve the needs of its clients 24x7x365.

GMI Office locationsTo find a GMI office near you, please consult the list below. For more specific inquiries, please contact us.

Global headquarters (Seattle, USA)

1100 112th Avenue NE
Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98004
Tel: +1 206-315-9300
Fax: +1 425-688-7735
Directions | Email us

Techneos Systems

Techneos is a world leader in mobile survey systems. Since 1995, clients in 50 countries have used our survey software to conduct sophisticated questionnaires on a wide range of mobile phones, PDAs, Ultra-Mobile PCs, Tablet PCs and Laptops.

Our Entrywareâ„¢ and SODAâ„¢ software platforms can be licensed as stand-alone systems that integrate into your technology infrastructure, or bundled with our extensive hardware inventory and professional services to meet the needs of a specific research project.

KL Communications

KL Communications is a full-service market research firm that focuses on building and managing proprietary insights communities and panels for a wide range of industries. Our newly developed IC2 community platform takes a holistic approach to the insights process, specifically aimed at generating the new ideas that drive innovation. By developing customized solutions that incorporate social media, crowdsourcing, insights communities & panels, as well as traditional research methods, KLC provides partners with the tools and insights to keep them a step ahead of the competition.



Loyalty Research Center

Good customers are hard to come by…How do you keep them?

Measuring customer satisfaction is a good start; many companies do it – including the Loyalty Research Center. In fact, Aldy Keene and Al Paison, co-founders of the Loyalty Research Center, were among the pioneers in the specialized marketing research field of customer satisfaction measurement. However, the science behind customer satisfaction measurement has evolved with customer loyalty measurement proving to be a better predictor of future behavior than customer satisfaction.

Is there a place for both customer satisfaction measurement and customer loyalty measurement?

Absolutely! How often are you asked to “please stay on the line” after talking with a customer service representative or you are handed a register receipt with a number to call to participate in a survey? In both of these scenarios, the company is interested in learning how satisfied you were with the service you just received.

Measuring your customers’ satisfaction related to specific transactions is very appropriate to understand specific experiences. It can reveal training issues or even expose a product or process issue that was previously undetected.

However, if your company’s goal is to minimize customer defections, strengthen its relationship with customers, and increase customer spend or share of wallet, the Loyalty Research Center recommends adding customer loyalty measurement into your customer retention strategy. Customer loyalty measurement will give you a better understanding of the relationship you have with your customers and how to improve it. Our scientifically validated model will show how your products and services, employees and processes as well as your company image impact customer loyalty and ultimately customer retention.

Loyal customers will recommend you, stay with you and buy more from you. Behind every loyal customer is a team of loyal, engaged employees — and we can measure their loyalty too! Measuring and managing customer satisfaction, employee loyalty and customer loyalty will improve your profitability.

Core Services

The Loyalty Research Center offers a full range of core products/services to help companies understand the customer/employee perspective of their relationship with your organization. These core measurement tools provide baseline measures to those companies that are new to customer loyalty or employee engagement measurement or those that may already have measurement programs in place but are not satisfied with what they are getting.

The Loyalty Research Center’s core products include:
  1. Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Measurement
  2. Employee Loyalty Measurement
  3. Customer – Employee Linkage
  4. Competitive Benchmarking
The Loyalty Research Center’s core customer research identifies:
  1. what your customers value in the relationship and what they don’t
  2. key drivers of customer loyalty
  3. your loyal versus vulnerable customers
  4. product or service problems
  5. areas for process improvement
  6. competitive advantages and disadvantages
Core customer research plus financial information and other CRM data identifies:
  1. customer lifetime value
  2. customers who cost you more than they’re worth
  3. customers who don’t fit your business model
  4. customers who would defect for a lower price
Baseline employee loyalty research helps you understand:
  1. employee relationship health
  2. drivers of employee loyalty
  3. whether employees are ‘on board’ with company mission, strategies and goals
  4. pockets of vulnerability
  5. areas of customer service excellence
Baseline products taken together with employee – customer linkage research identify:
  1. areas of disconnect and synergy between customers and employees
  2. quantitative link between employee actions and customer loyalty
  3. key priorities for improvement
  4. how ‘engaged’ employees can improve customer loyalty and profitability

Companies can take immediate action with baseline measurement findings; because they will have gained a better understanding of what needs to be done to migrate neutral or vulnerable customers into becoming loyal customers.

Loyalty Research Center
931 East 86th Street, Suite 120
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Tel: (317) 465-1990
Fax: (317) 465-1991
Email: Tracie Mrakich

Research Panel Asia

Research Panel Asia Inc., a fully-owned subsidiary of EC Navi Company, a major online service company operating one of the biggest online price comparison website in Japan, was founded on October 1st, 2009, to establish oversea’s internet business in Asian countries.

Our focus is to be a regional top supplier of high-quality online survey panels in Asia for clients who would like to conduct BtoC and BtoB surveys in the region.

As a company with its root in EC Navi which has been running a top domestic panel supplying company as Research Panel Inc. for many years, we have much know-how of excellent but cost-effective operation of online media and skills of managing more than 4,000 survey projects a year in Japan while meeting one of the most toughest quality and performance requests from Japanese customers, including many national brands.

Data collection – “Operational Excellence”

Over six years of experience in the market as a online panel supplying company in Japan, Research Panel group has become a specialist in the online research field in Asia.
We focus very much into our panel quality management which relates directly to our client services.

Along with this, provision of regional insights, prompt response in the operational process, and valuable feedback are our primary policies as well.
As a professional in the market, we take pride in the experience and knowledge acquired until now and now on.

Research Panel Asia Inc.

  • 8F First Place Bldg., Shinsen-cho 8-16, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 150-0045
  • TEL +81-3-5459-1230
  • Open 9:30-18:30 JST,Monday through Friday

Bellomy Research

Bellomy Research is a full-service marketing research consultancy, providing a wide range of research services to address our clients’ needs from focus group facilities for qualitative research to all types of quantitative research and analytics services.

What makes Bellomy Research unique is our base of Knowledge, Science, and Technology that provides leadership within the marketing research industry. Comprised of research professionals from a broad spectrum of industries, BRI is distinctively positioned to provide a “Point Of View” on our clients’ most challenging business issues.

With our experienced account services teams, our internal marketing sciences team, and our in-house programming and technology experts, we discuss issues internally and obtain other perspectives about the best way to tackle each client issue. The synergistic effect of this unique group of research professionals means that the end product we offer our client is better than the sum of the pieces.

Bellomy Research, Inc. is a Female-Owned Business Enterprise (FBE) that has been in business for over 30 years. We adhere to all CASRO guidelines as well as CASRO’s code of ethics.

At Bellomy Research, we believe exploration and discovery should always lead to executable solutions. After all, anyone can come up with a list of answers.

But it takes something extra to come up with solutions. It takes something extra to be able to deliver those critical pieces of information that are going to directly impact your bottom line.

We call those extras the Bellomy Point-of-View — something Bellomy Research is uniquely positioned to deliver. It’s something we’ve been delivering to our clients for over a quarter century. So when you work with Bellomy Research, you are working with people who do more than simply design research and analyze data.

You are partnered with people who have been in your shoes before. People who average 20 plus years on the client side. People who not only have the latest technology at their fingertips, but know how to make it work for you and your company. So you get dependable, precise data collection and tabulations. Plus, the critical analysis and recommendations that can turn raw data into actionable answers.

Discover what our Point-of-View can do for you. Discover Bellomy Research.

You want more than just answers. You want someone who understands your business. Someone who has been in your shoes before. Someone you can feel confident knows the challenges you face in the corporate world.

Then you have come to the right place.

At Bellomy, we go out of our way to attract researchers who average 20 plus years of — not just research experience – but experience in the corporate research world on the client side. So we can relate.

We have experience dealing with the exact same kinds of business issues you face on a daily basis. We understand exactly what it’s like to do what you do because we’ve been there. We’ve done that. It’s a deeper understanding of you and your business that goes a long way towards delivering more than just marketing research — to delivering true bottom-line results.

It’s a one-to-one relationship based on a true partnership – a partnership that helps us deliver actionable answers that you can be confident are right. Because we were right there with you every step of the way.

So whether it’s designing a custom model for your project or study, or spotting and correcting an issue before it even becomes a problem, it’s both our experience and our experiences that make everything we
do better.

The difference you experience with BRI is firmly rooted in our strategic approach. BRI’s strength is based on three core competencies – Knowledge, Science and Technology.

Individually each of these competencies is best-in-class. Together they provide synergies, flexibility and real solutions to your business issues.

BRI is committed to working as hard on your business challenges as you do. Simply put, we care!

Knowledge A Deeper Understanding of Your Business

At BRI, we go out of our way to attract Account Directors who average 20 plus years of experience, and not just research experience, but experience in the corporate research world on the client side as well as the supplier side. So we can relate. We have a deeper understanding of you and your business that goes a long way towards delivering more than just marketing research — to delivering true bottom-line results.

Science World Class Problem Solvers

BRI’s Marketing Science team is comprised of world class problem solvers. From methodology to modeling, our team is leading edge. Extensive experience solving marketing problems sets our Marketing Science group apart from many statistical departments. They provide advice and results in terms you understand and relate them to your marketing decisions.

Technology Powerful Platforms for Fast, Efficient, and Creative Solutions

Our technology is fully integrated, proprietary and in-house. Developed specifically for marketing research, our systems are totally flexible and adaptable to truly meet your research requirements. What this means to you is that we will always be able to meet your needs. Whatever your technology needs, we can deliver.

Please contact us directly at our Winston Salem location or contact BRI using the online contact form.

175 Sunnynoll Court
Winston Salem, NC 27106

Telephone:(336) 721-1140
FAX:(336) 721-1597

Medical Marketing Research International / Medical Marketing Studies US Inc

Medical Marketing Research International / Medical Marketing Studies, U.S. is an international Branded Solutions, Market Research and Integrated Data Solutions agency.

MMRI/MMS have expertise in identifying, profiling and mapping Opinion Leaders in more than 200 therapeutic categories both domestically and abroad. Within the Pharmaceutical Consulting and Marketing Research area, MMRI (Europe) and Medical Marketing Studies U.S. specialise in conducting qualitative studies, with target groups including Key Stakeholders, Opinion Leaders, Specialists, Payors/Payers, General Practitioners, other Healthcare Professionals and Patients. We also offer integrated data and relationship management solutions to our clients and our in-house team of coders and developers are able to work alongside our Market Research Specialists to offer innovative online research solutions such as e-Advisory Boards. Our programs are being conducted for numerous companies throughout the pharmaceutical and biotech industries globally and provide highly actionable information that supports R&D, marketing and business decisions.

Our founder and chairman, Dr MHA Sacoor, is a physician with over 30 years experience consulting for the international pharmaceutical industry. MMRI/MMS have a strong body of employees with extensive experience in healthcare consulting, market research and marketing. Our teams of physicians and Biological Science Graduates (PhD, MSc, BSc), experienced in Market Research and Project Management permit us to conduct studies that require a high level of medical and technical expertise. This allows us to ensure the highest quality of service.

Our considerable experience of working with Pharmaceutical Companies worldwide, together with our creative solutions designed to fulfill the needs of the International Pharmaceutical Industry, enable us to support products or brands from discovery, through marketing and beyond!

Our aim is to constantly evolve and adapt to give our clients new, dynamic and tailored solutions. We do not believe in a static approach to the market place; as client needs advance, so do our methodologies and solutions.

Medical Marketing Research International
Medical Marketing Studies US Inc
32 Station Approach, West Byfleet
Surrey, KT14 6NF, UK
Switchboard: +44(0)1932 351733
Direct: +44(0)1932 797985
Mobile: +44(0)7920 752758
Fax: +44(0)1932 341472


Medical Marketing Studies US Inc
344 Park Avenue
Scotch Plains
NJ 07076
United States
Phone: +1 908 322 7061
Fax: +1 908 322 7081

Website :

Survey Service, Inc.

Survey Service provides data acquisition, analytics and research support for telephone and web methodologies and is regarded as a source for obtaining data provided by experienced, quality driven research professionals.  SSI specializes in customer satisfaction, health care, industrial, financial and pharmaceutical research, with digital recording and dedicated inbound 800 number capabilities. Experienced programmers and IT staff provide impeccable data, real-time reporting, data files and banners. Extensive experience and outstanding staff provide the elements required for an exceptional research partnership.

SSI is experienced in providing research services for the following types of qualitative methodologies:

* Focus Groups
* Onsite and Offsite IDI’s
* Shop-a-longs
* Online focus groups, bulletin boards and IDI’s
* In-home and Ethnographic studies

Our Qualitative Project Managers have an average of fifteen years experience managing and coordinating a variety of qualitative projects.

Your staff are very responsive and professional. I always recommend Survey Service for focus groups.

Lesley Lannon
Director of Marketing
Kaleida Health

Our qualitative offerings include:

* Recruiting
* Focus Group Facility
* Moderating/IDI Staff
* Field Management

1911 Sheridan Drive

Buffalo, NY 14223

Phone: (716)876-6450

Fax: (716)876-0430



Resources4Research Pty Ltd

Resources4Research Australia’s Fieldwork and Data specialists with a focus on FMCG Consumer Research.

We specialise in delivering quality fieldwork and/or data services. We use cutting edge technology in conjunction with our years of experience to assist you and increase your ability to complete your projects on time and on budget.

We can manage your project entirely or only manage the parts you would like us to. We deliver innovative and cost effective solutions. We are also able to complete any interstate research, providing support and experience that will expedite your research project. We have the solutions. We are responsive, reliable, rapid and resourceful.

Our services are created to be mobile, specifically designed to get the most accurate and considered responses to your research objectives and deliver you the data in your prescribed format. Our systems are in-house, which guarantees your Intellectual Property is secure.

Resources4Research guarantees your research projects are managed by a team of professional and experienced staff who deliver results. We are committed to developing strong relationships with our clients, striving to offer innovation and efficiencies, and we propose volume discounts. We are your research partner solution, committed to providing all the resources necessary to complete your research.

Web Site
Company Email
Phone +61298364673
Fax +61296297659
Company Location Box 8126 Norwest Business Centre, Norwest, NSW Sydney, Australia

The Sample Network

The Sample Network specializes in market research sampling and custom panel recruitment.  Our focus is on a blended sample methodology.  The benefits to blending sample include:

  1. Great reach to access respondents across the globe
  2. Fast turnaround times
  3. Stringent quality control & multi-layer security to eliminate suspicious activity and duplication
  4. Ability to adjust respondent access to the survey based on demographics without changing the survey
  5. Less inherent respondent bias

Find out more – email us or call today!

Web Site
Company Email
Phone (888)572-3255
Fax (201)221-7733
Company Location 100 Springdale Rd. A3#253, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, United States

Convergys Customer Intelligence Services

At Convergys, we know the number one influencer on brand differentiation and competitive advantage is the customer experience. What motivates customer loyalty is the ability to deliver memorable, positive experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Our consultative approach sets us apart from other marketing research and consulting providers. Not only do we apply best practices in capturing customer and employee feedback, we are deeply experienced at deploying that feedback into your organization to drive quantifiable change. This proven delivery model is a data-based, ROI-driven approach to understanding your business needs.

Web Site           
Company Email   
Phone                           (800)344-3000
Fax                                (513)784-4785
Company Location      201 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202